Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blue Italian - SPODE

IT'S 20% OFF TILL 31 JULY 2011.....

Josiah Spode 1's perfection of the process of underglaze printing in 1784 was the beginning of Spode's blue and white pottery and the very same blue created then is still treasured today outlining the timeless beauty of Blue Italian...

If you're interested please call me at 012-3998043 or e-mail to qamillea@yahoo.com

Salad Servers - RM155

Cake Slice - RM110

Set of 6 Tea Spoons - RM155

Set of 6 Pastry Forks - RM155

Friday, June 10, 2011

Harrods - Tea Towel

Tea Towel Double Pack (Pink)
1) as below
2) plain Pink & White

If you're interested, please call 012-3998043

Harrods - Tea Towel

Tea Towel Double Pack ( Blue)
1) as below
2) plain - Blue & White

If you're interested do call me at 012-3998043

Harrods - Tea Towel

Tea Towel Double Pack ( 2pcs a set)
1) as below
2) plain colour Green & White

If you are interested, please call me at 012-3998043 or e-mail to qamillea@yahoo.com

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kitchen/Oven Gloves

An Oven Gloves is an insulated gloves usually worn in the kitchen to protect hands from hot objects...but now people used it for kitchen decoration...for those cupscake collector...this will help you to add on your collections. This picture shown on both side of the glove...happy shopping.

Cupcakes Oven Gloves
Price : RM49 a pair

Placemats & Coasters....from UK

4 Packs of Placemats & Coasters - RM75

Design : Time for Tea

Design : Cuppies

Enamelware Storage

Blue Polka Dot (set of 2)
Price : RM175
Measurement : 7.2 in x 6.2 in x 6 in

Home Sweet Home Signage from UK with love....

Antique Signages for your HOME.... RM49 each

Antique Green

Antique Pink

Antique Blue

Johnson Brothers Collection

Johnson Brothers Tea Cosy
Price : RM95
Measurement : 29cm x 25cm

Johnson Brothers Storage Cube
Price : RM125
Measurement : 30 cm x 30 cm

Johnson Brothers Shopping Bag
Price : RM95
Measurement : 32 cm x 38.5 cm (Body Only)

Johnson Brothers Gardening Apron
Price : RM95
Measurement : 42 cm x 38 cm

Placemats & Coasters....from UK

Basically, placemat & coaster function is to protect the dinner table from water marks, food stains or heat damage. Nowadays the placemat & coaster can transform your dining table to be more presentable....here are some collection for you to choose.....happy shopping....

Pimpernel 6 Placemats & 6 Costers

Rose Antique - RM225

Pimpernel 6 Costers - RM75

Design : Patchwork

Design : Botanic Rose

Design : Botanic Blue

Design : Dans Le Jadin

Design : Cafe Trio

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Teapot Collection

James Sadler ~ Wysteria Lodge
Price : RM150
Measurement : 7.5" x 6"

James Sadler ~ Village Shop
Price : RM150
Measurement : 7.5" x 6"

Julian Fine China ~ China Shop
Price : RM120
Measurement : 9" x 6.5"

Julian Fine China ~ Kitty Tea Shop
Price : RM120
Measurement : 9" x 8.5"

Enamelware Storage

For Enamelware collectors.....

Here are some colourful range to add value to your Country Kitchen ....hunted during my stay in UK recently......if you are interested do e-mail me..... happy shopping

Red Collection (airtight)
Biscuits (set of 2) - RM158

Red Collection (airtight)
Coffe, Sugar & Tea (set of 3) - RM139

Blue Collection
Coffee, Sugar & Tea (set of 3) - RM129

Yellow Collection (airtight)
Biscuits (set of 2) - RM158

Pink Collection (airtight)
Bread Bin - RM150

Treasure from UK

Assalamualaikum fellow readers & friends.....

Good News!!!!!

Arghhhh after my trip to London 2 months back.....finally my "Treasure" knocking my door this morning....hihihiihih.....a million thank you to Tini....

Here I'm sharing with you those Treasures that I hunted in London + Manchester..... but only the boxes la yer.....what is inside....kena tunggu bukak dulu......hiihihihi...takes time to unpack...
Ni barang yang berat2 la hantar naik kapal laut....kalau nak masuk flight mau demam bayor excess... but worth it walaupon ku terpaksa menunggu 2 bulan..... :) Alhamdulillah semua barang in good condition...kotak luar pon tak kemek....so barang dalam semua sihat2 belaka....hihiihihih

Kalau ada lebih...leh share2..... :) .... barang for sale will be uploaded ASAP.... tunggu.....

Sunday, April 3, 2011


For those who are Fridge Magnet Maniac..... Qamillea Home Decor Shoppe has something different for you to choose........its Vintage Fridge Magnet.....if you are interested on my collection please drop an e-mail to qamillea@yahoo.com or buzz me @ 012-3998043

Price @ RM35 each

Main Line

Spring Wartime Gardening Guide

Peek, Frean & Co's



Jacob & Co's (out of stock)


Golden Shred

Fry's Milk Chocolate (out of stock)

Cadbury Milk

Bovril Chocolate (out of stock)


Bird's Custad

Silver Shred

London Bus


Huntley & Palmers

Freshly Baked (out of stocks)

Cheshire Lines (out of stocks)

Caravans (out of stock)