Sunday, April 3, 2011


For those who are Fridge Magnet Maniac..... Qamillea Home Decor Shoppe has something different for you to choose........its Vintage Fridge Magnet.....if you are interested on my collection please drop an e-mail to or buzz me @ 012-3998043

Price @ RM35 each

Main Line

Spring Wartime Gardening Guide

Peek, Frean & Co's



Jacob & Co's (out of stock)


Golden Shred

Fry's Milk Chocolate (out of stock)

Cadbury Milk

Bovril Chocolate (out of stock)


Bird's Custad

Silver Shred

London Bus


Huntley & Palmers

Freshly Baked (out of stocks)

Cheshire Lines (out of stocks)

Caravans (out of stock)

Vintage Signage

Need something for your Home/Kitchen Decoration???? I guess this could help you to add colours to your home/kitchen..... Price = RM185 (excluded postage) Design A Design B , measurement = 16 inci x 12 inci

Design C


People say, woman + holiday = Shopping....same goes to me.... Here are some Polyresin Signage for sale which I brought back from my holiday. If you're interested please e-mail to or ring me @ 012-3998043

Design 1 to 5 = RM45

Ukuran = 4 cm x 12 cm

Design 6 to 7 = RM75

Ukuran = 9.3 cm x 13 cm

Postage is free

Design 1 - rooster

Design 2 - orange

Design 3 - Garden

Design 4 - birdhouse

Design 5 - topiary

Design 6 - house rules

Design 7 - home